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End of the 2022/2023 winter auction season
We thank all the auction participants, and especially the successful bidders, for their interest in our auctions in the past winter season. For next winter, until the next auction season, we are preparing several novelties for you, which we were inspired by when visiting auctions in Austria and Germany in particular. Thank you all once again and we look forward to the new auction season.

Auction of valuable assortments of wood in Volary and Sušice at our company's handling warehouses.

This is an auction mainly of coniferous assortments in full lengths and cuts (MD, DG, SM), quality I, II and a selection from IIIA. Part of the auction will also be the auction of admixtures of leafy assortments (DB, JS, etc.).

Es handelt sich insbesondere um die Versteigerung von Nadelbaumsortimenten in Ausschnitten (Lärche, Douglasien, Fichte) aus Werthölzarten. Auktionsbestandteil ist auch die Versteigerung von Beimischung von Laubbaumsortimenten (Eiche, Esche u. a.) Die Auktionsbedingungen für Holzeigentümer und Bieter – vgl. die Kontakte und Emailadressen.

Volary 14.3. – 15.3.2023,
Sušice 15.3. – 16.3.2023

ing. Miroslav Michna

+420 604 211 155


Ing. Michal Rypl

+420 604 255 405


Where you can find the handling warehouse

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Price list of loading and auction handling
Auction decree
Auktion von wertvollen holzsortimenten in Susice und Volary
Auction listing Volary 14.-15.3 2023
Auction listing Sušice 15.-16.3 2023